Black Steel internal double doors

Bring double more light into your rooms with our new range of internal doors.

Black Steel double doors

Black steel double doors are getting to be more and more popular recently. They bring light to the space and make the room look more spacious. The name “Crittall” is being used to describe glass, grid-framed doors. That’s why we define our doors as black steel double doors. Doors from Geera Design offer a high design prospect thanks to their thin frames. It looks very modern, and classy.

We provide and fit bespoke slimline steel-framed doors to order, in a wide range of glass styles and sizes. Create with us your dream internal black steel double door. It is a solution that will allow you to bring light into your rooms and will cause a “wow!” effect.

Double sliding doors

We offer impressive black steel double doors for our customers from all over the UK. Our double sliding doors are soft-close, subtle, and it’s a great option to partition home offices or living rooms. Thanks to the glazing options that we offer, they lower the noise and guarantee privacy. Also, it’s a perfect way to create different zones without compromising on light.

Double pivot doors

Design possibilities for black steel double pivot doors, are endless. Pivot doors can open 90 °, 180 ° or 360 ° depending on the pivot position and the available space. Pivot doors may not be equipped with a classic door handle and can be operated easily without hands. We use modern materials, various types of glass, and the most modern self-closing pivot hinge system.

Black Steel double door types

Black Steel internal double doors - glass styles

The name “Crittall” is being used to describe glass, grid-framed doors. Our company offers single and double glazing variants with clear, obscure or decorative glass. We offer different types of glass, such as clear, mirror, matt frosted, satin, tempered, milk, graphite, wired, and master-carre glass. We provide many design possibilities thanks to the wide choice we have in offer.

Black Steel double doors - Handle Types

Do we offer Black Steel ternal double doors?

Although people often ask for the black steel double doors, the most probably they mean steel-framed glass doors. This name is a registered trademark from the company Crittall Windows Ltd which means that only they can use this name for their products. We produce glass doors in a similar style, and that’s why we call our doors black steel. Our double doors are being manufactured, assembled and installed by Geera Design LTD company.

Black steel double doors - why choose us?

High-quality steel

We only use selected steel of the highest quality to offer the best possible products.

Precise bespoke completion

The doors are made to individual customer orders and precisely tailored to the requirements.

Stable construction

A stable structure that makes the door durable and solid.

Powder coating

Powder coating ensures not only an aesthetic look but also damage resistance.

Geera Design - about the company


Geera Design is a manufacturer of black steel doors in London and UK wide. We offer producing, supplying and installing different kinds of glass doors as well as glass partition screens and black steel shower doors. The scope of our services covers the whole of UK. We stand out by offering high-quality steel products that are powder-coated and very durable. We provide a 12-month guarantee for all our products. Our experience offering the highest quality products and services allowed us to gain the opinion of a trusted and reliable company. Each order is treated individually and comprehensively, trying to transform the client’s vision into a reality.

Cooperate with us! We will be happy to prepare an offer for you.

Black Steel double doors - what makes us different?

Efficient completion of process

We always carry out orders on time and efficiently, without unnecessary delays.


We have experience in production, supplying, and installing black steel doors for individual clients and business customers.

Quick valuation

We provide a quick valuation for the design of glass doors for your interior.

Double pivot shower doors

Our double pivot shower doors are perfect for small bathrooms, because they don’t need too much space and open and close very easily. These doors open outwards and inwards. When open inwards, saves space of the bathroom. They are also convenient for cleaning. We offer doors made using toughened safety glass.
Discover the fineness of double pivot shower doors with Geera Design and build your perfect pivot shower enclosure.

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